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Best Air FryerVaughn Frances here…

And I created this Air Fryer Blog to help others find ways of cooking food without oil.

See my wife got one for me because she was  actually looking for a deep fryer and stumbled upon an air fryer instead on social media.

She was tired of cooking in the kitchen and having the lingering smell of fried food in the house in addition to having to have the fumes and smells seep into nearby fabrics and/or her clothes.

(It’s a healthier option to frying to boot, and we use it everyday!)

So if you are considering an Air fryer, then take a look at what I consider one of the best air fryers on the market and at a reasonable price. Go ahead and check out my homepage:

==> The Air Fryer And Cooker I Recommend

If you want some ideas and recipes, click here:

==> 3 Good, Quick & Easy Air Fryer Recipes