Air Cooker And Fryer: Is It Worth It? How Is It Using An Air Fryer And Cooking Without Oil?

Air FryerDiscovering The Air Fryer

Sooo My wife is always searching things on the web, and then she comes to me one day and says ‘Hey there is this thing called an Air Fryer and I think you should see this video’.

And I am thinking , ”Did I hear that right?’ What in the world is that!  An air what?.. An Air Fryer? I mean what will they think of next right?

Before I can even understand what she is saying she shoves the phone in my hand and starts the video.

I am seeing this thing cook everything from chicken breast, to potato chips and kale, chicken wings, french fries, and even mozzarella sticks! All without oil.

So you know what happens next right? We were already online looking to purchase this thing. And we ended up buying one that same day.

We purchased the GoWise USA 3.7-Quart Dial Control Air Fryer on Amazon. And Here on this site, you will see my simple video unboxing and test of this Air Fryer model (**Extreme Bottom of page).

What is an Air Fryer? As In How does It Freakishly Cooks Things Without Oil?

Air Fried Fries

(Before & After- Air Fried fries. You Can Get An Air Fryer Here)

I actually really found out what an Air Fryer was after I had already made the purchase and was waiting on that good old Prime two-day shipping.

What I mean by that is I went to work and spoke about my purchase and my coworker is like ‘You know how it works right!?’ So I say ‘No Smarty Pants, I do not’.

Apparently the Air Fryer cooks food by circulating hot air around the food, but with the hot air moving at a high speed it creates a crispy layer on the outside as it cook the food via the Maillard effect.

So I guess this is why you don’t need oil.

Unboxing of the Air Cooker and Fryer

When I get home from work I see this big box by my door from Amazon. Could this be it? (So big!) Then I open it up and there’s smaller a box. Then I open that and there’s another box. Haha.

Anyway the Air Fryer had a good amount of weight to it. So much so that it was a bit difficult to take out right side up. I decided to set the box upside down and have it slide out.

This let the Air Cooker out with much more ease. After taking out the protective wrapping I could see that it was a bit bigger than I thought.

The Air Fryer and Cooker has:

  1. A simple clean design
  2. A removable cooking tray
  3. A carry handle
  4. 3.7 Quart Capacity
  5. 30 Minute Cooking Timer
  6. 50 recipe Book Inside

Conclusion: Is it Worth It To Get An Air Fryer?

In my opinion: Yes!

Why? Benefits/Advantages:

No Grease Fumes with Air Fryer

  • When I cook with the Air Fryer I don’t use oil. So NO GREASE FUMES rising up and filling up the house and seeping my fabrics and living room. No need to open a window or keep the kitchen vent fan on.
  • NO OIL means MUCH LESS CALORIES. Eat all you favorite foods from the Air Fryer but with LESS FAT and less calories. I don’t feel as guilty when I indulge.
  • It makes things SO CRUNCHY on the outside and so SOFT & TENDER on the inside).
  • LESS TIME to start than an oven. COOKS FASTER.
  • Food is more EVENLY BROWNED & FRIED
  • EASY to CLEAN TRAY and NOT LOUD. (At least for the GoWise USA 3.7-Quart Dial Control Air Fryer model I bought which is also at a BETTER PRICE than other brands over $200 dollars.)
  • Can cook a WIDE VARIETY of items such as : falafel, potato chips, kale chips, crispy chicken, wings, chicken tenders , sweet potato fries,  frozen bagels. I keep trying to find new things to put in my Air cooker and fryer.
  • Great GIFT to add to a directory for House Warming, Bridal Shower, Wedding Gift or even a gift for a Birthday or Christmas. (Many wives get the Air Fryer for their husbands just like wife did to me…we even bought another one for my cousin’s bridal shower)


-I found for best results don’t fill it too much. You have to let the air have room to pass around effectively in the Air Fryer.

-The Air Fryer I bought was bigger than I expected and cooks pretty quickly but If you are having a party the tray can only hold so much. You would have to do multiple loads.

-Its a lot bigger than I thought, It might be for you too so you want to think about kitchen cabinet storage unless you are going to keep it on the counter.

Also remember its Amazon Guaranteed

I share this product with you because I own it myself and it works!

==> Get the GoWise USA 3.7-Quart Dial Control Air Fryer Here

Air Cooker and Fryer F.A.Q

Q: Where to buy the GoWise USA 3.7-Quart Dial Control Air Fryer ?

A: You can get it directly from through this link

Q: Can I place a baking dish in the tray for cooking foods that cannot go in the basket?

A: Yes, Foil pie pans that fit perfectly inside the basket when air frying chicken with sauce on it in order to avoid mess.

Q: Is there a smaller Air fryer since I have a small kitchen?

A: Yes, Go wise has a smaller version you can find here with this link

Q: Where do you put the oil? Won’t I need some oil?

A: No! You will not need to use oil. You can use a bit of cooking spray, but I have used my Go-Wise and not needed any oil AT ALL. Thumbs up all the way!